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    Hey! Thanks for checking us out, we are Josh & Angela Napiwocki and we are so glad you stopped by! You may be wondering where the name "napdesign" came from or what is has to do with anything!? Well, here is a little background...When Josh was attending MIAD (the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design) to become an Industrial Designer, he came up with napdesign to showcase his Senior Thesis in 2005. He chose the name "napdesign" because he wanted to incorporate his name with what he did. And let's face it, "nap" is much shorter and easier to pronounce than "Napiwocki"!

    So then fast forward to 2007, Josh is working for Cost of Wisconsin traveling around building rock waterfalls and features for companies like Bass Pro Shop and SeaWorld, so he ends up living in Texas for a bit. While in San Antonio, he meets me (Angela) at Cowboy's Dancehall, gets up the courage to ask me to dance (when he didn't know how), and it was truly like a love at first sight story you guys...both ways! So a year later, we were married in 2008 and we decided to just buy the napdesign web domain and create this website to share our passions (which has turned into our full time family business) as well as some of our family's...Josh's dad Gary shares about antique farm equipment including plenty of Massey Harris and his Gaar Scott Sawmill over on the Heritage page!

    If you would like to know more about anything you see on our website, please email us at info @ napdesign . com. You can also find us on facebook - we would love to hear from you!

Engagement Proposal – Lavaca County Courthouse, Hallettsville TX

Tonight was magical! We were honored to capture this amazing engagement proposal for Tyler and Devyn at the Lavaca County Courthouse in Hallettsville, TX! Tyler did such a good job planning everything down to having their song start playing from the speakers and being positioned under the “Love” lights as he took a bended knee. Family and friends cheered from the restaurant across the street afterwards as they got to secretly watch the whole thing! Congratulations you two! I’m sure y’all will have a very Merry Christmas together! ๐Ÿ™‚
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