Spider Webs & October Mornings in Texas

One of my favorite things is Autumn in Texas, especially October, it just seems to be the perfect month for outdoor photography! I love waking up just in time to watch the sunrise and enjoy the cool, crisp mornings! October days in South/Central Texas start out cool and maybe even a little chilly on some days, then warm up nicely later in the day and finish with beautiful sunsets and perfect temperatures. The foggy mornings are dreamy and mornings like today when the sun shines through the fog and reveals multitudes of dew covered spider webs are kind of magical to me. I mean, I don’t particularly like spiders or anything, but I am totally fascinated with their webs…and have you ever seen a spider in action creating one of these masterpieces? It really is something…

p.s. it’s a good idea to be extra careful when walking under trees and such as to not to walk into one of those spider webs that reaches to the ground and then start totally freaking out that the spider is gonna get you! 😉 😉

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