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Name these iridescent bugs – Sweet Home, TX

Does anyone know what these little guys are? I didn’t find anything on Google that matched.  I am seeing theseView full post »

Cuddling with my baby

THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: Cuddling with my baby! There aren’t too many other things I’d ratherView full post »

My morning cup of hot tea

THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: Hot tea! Herbal Tea Concentrate from Herbalife to be more specific, and lemon isView full post »

Water…with Mint, Cucumbers and Ginger!

THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: A cold glass of water with mint, cucumber and ginger! Thanks to my good friendsView full post »

Update: 7.13.11

Finally got internet today after going without for almost TWO WEEKS!  I don’t know that I would have had time to beView full post »

Our kiddos – napdesign photography

Temperance at 2 years and Eli at 2 months.View full post »

Little helpers – sweet goodness

Tempe, our almost two year old daughter, had a friend over for a play-date yesterday. After lunch, we made someView full post »

Investing Time

Even though I don’t consider myself a writer…or a “blogger”…I still enjoy sharing myView full post »

Picking Strawberries – Menomonie WI

June in Wisconsin = strawberry picking! Fresh picked strawberries are so juicy and flavorful! Our daughter TemperanceView full post »


It can be easy to get out of balance.  I see something that needs to be done, or something I want to do, and I tend toView full post »

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