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Simple, pretty things in my kitchen

I needed some “macro” therapy…I love this lens, and I love simple, pretty things!Oh so adorable cherryView full post »

Shiner Pumpkin Patch Studio Session – Napdesign Co.

My darling Ania is 6 months old and is definitely the cutest “punkin” in the pumpkin patch! (totally biasedView full post »

Dew Drops – Early Morning Delight – Shiner, TX

When I woke up this morning, I went to swing on the porch with my precious four month old, joining the rest of theView full post »

Stop and Smell the Bluebonnets! Hochheim, TX

I hope you all take time to stop and smell the bluebonnets this Spring! Bluebonnets are definitely one of my mostView full post »

Spider Webs & October Mornings in Texas

One of my favorite things is Autumn in Texas, especially October, it just seems to be the perfect month for outdoorView full post »

Pickin’ Dewberries! – napdesign photography, Sweet Home TX

One beautiful day during the early part of May, I took the morning off from my usual schedule and decided to pick someView full post »

Cuddling with my baby

THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: Cuddling with my baby! There aren’t too many other things I’d ratherView full post »

My morning cup of hot tea

THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: Hot tea! Herbal Tea Concentrate from Herbalife to be more specific, and lemon isView full post »

Water…with Mint, Cucumbers and Ginger!

THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: A cold glass of water with mint, cucumber and ginger! Thanks to my good friendsView full post »

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