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I think EVERYONE should have photos that they absolutely love! And that includes families having photos with everyone in the picture, not Mom or Dad having to miss out because they are behind the camera. Photos are so important to me and I get so excited when I get to capture these special memories for people and in return, I’m blessed to receive the incredible joy from how much they love them and how truly thankful they are to have them!

Last month we had the opportunity to have our family photos done, (our first time ever) and it was such an awesome experience! I was so thrilled to have a family photo with me actually in it with my husband and kids! Lacy did a breathtaking job on them by the way (check them out here)! I was so over-joyed and emotional over our photos because I was so happy to have them to treasure and I want every client of mine to experience that!  Professional photos are one of best investsments you can and should make, they are so worth it, I promise 🙂

Guys aren’t always as excited about the photo session as the gals in my experience, but every time I’m told afterwards what a “good time they had” and “that wasn’t as bad as I thought” haha…I love making photos fun and not boring! I just want to capture all the love going on and have a good time! Here is my beautiful cousin Laura and her super fun family!




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