Newborn Kaia – Yoakum Newborn Photographer – napdesign photography by Angela Napiwocki

This darling baby girl did so well during her newborn session which we chose to do outside in the shade on a beautiful, early October day…being Autumn in Texas, it was still nice and warm.  I think she really enjoyed the sound of the breeze because she slept nearly the whole time, even showing us her pretty smile!  Her adorable big brother was lots of fun to chase around and sure, we may have had to bribe him with candy now and then but as I tell my clients, hey whatever works!  It also helped having his grandma there to make him smile (grandmas are the best!) and WOW what a big smile he has, his whole face lights up, SO CUTE!

Holding this sweet, tiny newborn definitely made me look forward to cuddling my own precious baby being that I was around seven months pregnant at the time…(I am actually holding my joyful baby boy right now as I type this!)

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