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One beautiful day during the early part of May, I took the morning off from my usual schedule and decided to pick some dewberries since too many years had passed from the last time. I didn’t have to look very far because they were growing along the fence line across from my parents’ place.  I took my time enjoying taking some flower photos in between picking my first and second bowl full.

I was careful to wear boots and jeans in an effort to protect myself from whatever, but didn’t realize until hours later at home that I had totally forgotten that there even was such a thing as horrible as those nasty little chiggers and the miserable itching they put you through! I’m totally not gonna go in to that because I don’t want to relive it and you can find plenty of info online yourself if curious, but just throwing a warning out there in case you’re thinking about venturing into tall grass and dewberry patches…

Anyway, back to happy and delicious…these dewberries were AMAZING! No really, they were so good, eating them fresh and also making them into a yummy cobbler.  The second batch I made was my favorite because I used a different recipe, one from Homesick Texan. You have to try this! It came out perfect and it was so yummy eating it still warm and if you want with some vanilla ice cream!

Plump dewberries begging me to pick them!

Dewberry Flower

dewberry vines and thorns

Had to be careful for the Huisache thorns

I thought it would be a good idea to wear my boots, walking in tall grass and thorns and such…TOTALLY forgot about the chiggers though! NO FUN AT ALL!

Bowl of dewberries looking so good!

Fresh moist dewberries!

Getting all close and personal!

Sure do love my macro lens!

Made my favorite dewberry cobbler!

In the end, it was all worth it for this delicious seasonal treat!

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  • Erv - Great photos, Angela – (makes this 76 year old amateur green with envy)!!

    Besides those redbugs, don’t forget poison ivy (it likes to grow in similar locations to dewberries)-and it can “get you” later when you touch the boots and clothes you were wearing !!!

    Hugs, ErvReplyCancel

    • Angela - Thanks Ervin! I should make myself more familiar with poison ivy because I actually forgot what it looks like, thanks for the tip! 🙂ReplyCancel