Upcoming Time Off – Baby Nap #3 – Booking Schedule – Personal Thoughts

Well I am just so excited and expectant for our third precious blessing from God on the way, due in early December! It feels weird to think about taking time off from the business, but I know planning ahead is best! My family is so precious to me and I am so truly thankful! I will continue to schedule photo sessions for the month of October this year until my schedule is full (limited availability remaining) and then November will be set aside for editing images, orders, and blogging/posting these sessions. Then I plan on booking sessions again starting in February of 2015. By the way, I am so excited for the 2015 weddings we have booked already with some amazing couples!

I feel there is so much to do to prepare for baby boy’s arrival, mainly getting our old house/remodeling project closer to being finished and fixing up a bedroom for our daughter so the boys can share a room. Of course every single room in the house needs working on but those are at the top of my list, right up there with a laundry room and getting our washer and dryer hooked up! So much to look forward to, but I’m still just so thankful to have a house out in the country to call our own, it’s a dream come true and an answer to prayer!

I don’t imagine I will have much spare time right before and after baby boy’s arrival, but my hopes/plans are to update the napdesign website and blog as well as catch up on some personal posts and photos!

Just thinking about when I was in school, I thought about being a teacher, going into something business related or I had even thought about being an accountant; I never dreamed that I would have my own business and get to make my own schedule! After working for H-E-B for over 7 years and being an administrator and manager, I got to thinking that would be my career, I would just move up the corporate ladder and I was content. It wasn’t until I met and married the love of my life in 2008 who whisked me away to Wisconsin, away from H-E-B land and my home state of Texas, that I realized what I wanted more than anything in life was to be a wife and mother and to raise my babies! My husband Joshua has always been so supportive and when I fell in love with photography, he was right by my side encouraging me!

I love being a photographer and getting to capture special times in my clients’ lives…all the joy it brings them for having these memories and to know I got to play a part in it! My heart leaps every time a client tells me how much they love their photos, it never gets old and it really makes me feel fulfilled! Another blessing is to be able to stay home full time and raise my precious children, watching them grow every step of the way, and I even get to be their teacher as I homeschool them! So really, I guess I am living all of my dreams!

P.s. I am also so thrilled to be back “home” in Texas and that this will be our first “Texas Baby”! And because every post is better with a photo, here are my kids playing outside with their pets back in August.


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