Update: 7.13.11

Finally got internet today after going without for almost TWO WEEKS!  I don’t know that I would have had time to be on the internet anyhow but I am glad to have it back now!

We just moved to Menomonie, WI from Spring Valley and are still getting settled into our new place. We made many improvements like new flooring and paint, replaced several things that were outdated including a paneling wall, refrigerator and ceiling fans, and put a lot of love and sweat into making this our new home.  Thanks to everyone who helped out in any way – we like you a lot!  It is so nice to be closer to work, church and friends! Too bad our families are still over two hours away though whether by drive or flight.

Oh yeah, Tempe has a place to play outside now as our new place has a yard. Daddy will be building her a swing set very soon! Eli is GROW-ing! His bottom two front teeth are so close to coming through and people who have seen him lately ask if he is six months old…nope only half of that folks!

Had fun July 4th weekend with Josh’s family and then came back home early to work on the new apartment.  July 9th/10th weekend I got to video Kara and Steven’s wedding and then do family photos for our awesome friends Nate and Christy! Good times!

I will be getting a print order delivery from the photo lab in the mail this week so some of you can be expecting your pictures very soon! If you didn’t get a chance to order this last time, let me know what I can getcha and I will send it in.

I’ll end with a picture of my kiddos – just hanging out while we work on the apartment.

Eli and Tempe

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